At Discovery we are a community of like-minded healthy people on a mission to be our very best inside and out. We are all on a similar journey to you to achieve success in all areas of life and we know that to be successful in work, business, relationships, happiness, it all starts with looking after you. You are the most important person and it’s your obligation to look after your health.

By immersing yourself in the Discovery family of healthy, happy people, naturally you can see how you too will feel more energetic, more confident, more inspired every single day. By hitting some PB dead lifts together, sharing a few high-10s, shaking your booty to the music in between sets, or simply having a laugh with a friend, you too will feel the contagious electric buzz that is the Discover family.

Our mission is to change lives. We don’t get up in the morning just to do a personal training session with you, our mission is to help you truly change your life. To give you the confidence and energy you need to be the best at what you do, whether you are a young professional, business owner, entrepreneur, mum or dad or mix of one or a few.

At Discovery we’re not a gym, we’re far from it, and you won’t find big egos here or guys throwing around weights like baboons. What you will find is a comfortable, safe, secure home to develop yourself with other healthy, happy people that will encourage, motivate and inspire you to be you’re best. We even have it written on the wall! At Discovery, treating everyone as an equal is non-negotiable, it doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer, experienced lifter or somewhere in between, you will feel comfortable.

Don’t forget what we’re all here for is a bit of fun. The results are guaranteed here, but not without laughs and smiles along the way. In the end if you can’t make it fun, what’s the point? Come along and develop your mind at one of our monthly mindset seminars or have a drink and laugh at one of our famous cocktail parties, or simply join the team for breakfast on a Saturday morning after bootcamp, it’s all part of the fun.


Karim El Barche is Australia’s leading expert in total body transformation. He has worked with fat loss and transformation experts around the world to develop Australia’s #1 Complete Body Transformation program for young professionals looking to achieve exceptional results. Karim lives and breathes health & fitness and has competed on the international fitness model stage, representing Australia and placing 7th in the world, he also writes monthly for publications such as Men’s Muscle & Health, Ironman magazine and more. Karim is the founder and CEO of Discovery Health & Fitness and is passionate and 100% dedicated to leading the Discovery movement of healthy, happy people to confidence, energy, happiness and success.