August 2, 2017 Discovery PT

Health is a choice. It’s not due to circumstance because some people are less-busy, have more time, make more money or “have it easier.”

Health is 100% your responsibility and your choice. If you don’t take care of your own health then who will?

Every day I see people “talk” about how they want to get healthier, they want to lose weight, they want to sleep better, eat better and live until they are 80 or 90 or 100.

Every single day people “talk” about it, but only 5% actually DO anything about it.

By “doing” I don’t mean getting excited, joining a gym and then never going. I don’t mean starting a no-carb diet for 3 weeks and starving yourself. I don’t mean going for a walk or a jog once in a blue moon.

I mean committing to the act of “doing” and “being” a healthy person.

Health is a choice. You can choose to let things get in the way like work, time and money or you can choose to live life to your fullest and commit to your health.

After all what happens to you if shit hits the fan *excuse my French* and you get sick? We all know how useless we are when we get the flu for a week? What about serious illness? How helpful would you be to your family or work then?

We are naive to think as human beings that it will never happen to us.

Sadly this is not true.

One of the healthiest people I know just got a serious life threatening illness.

No one is 100% immune. After all – all disease starts with stress.

So if all of us are ”at risk” why aren’t we ALL doing everything we can to be healthy?

If you’re serious about the longevity of your life then you’ll do the very best you can to look after yourself – mind and body.

No more excuses, no more hesitations, no more “thinking about it”, you’re time is now.

And just on that point if you want to get the most out of life don’t fool yourself – you’ve got to begin the hard work today.

You must choose to invest your time, energy and resources if you want to live with energy, confidence, vitality and health.

It is not going to come with a magic pill. It’s not going to come to you if you start “next Monday” or “after the holidays.”

Health is a choice. A choice you make every single day. And it starts right NOW.

Do you choose health?


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