July 20, 2017 Discovery PT


These days we have so much going on it just never seems to stop.

We are living in a “busy-ness” epidemic.

Yes we try to do our best to “keep healthy”- stay active, watch what we eat, use mindfulness apps once in a while, have one glass of red rather than half the bottle, choose 80% cocoa chocolate, go for almond milk not dairy – the list goes on.

But it’s not enough.

As we become more stressed than ever, we must do MORE for our health than ever.

There is a few reasons “wellness” has exploded over the past 3-5 years –

People are realising

  1. They are actually in control of how they feel emotionally so they are being more proactive.
  2. If they don’t do more for their health now it’s going to catch up with them later with sickness and illness.
  3. Staying on top of your health is the norm, not the exception now.


Where exercising the body would once suffice to keep healthy – it’s no longer enough.

In any particular day we have so much incoming information, so much to do, places to be, online content to consume, emails to answer, phones to check – that we literally never switch off.

Specifically with the rise of tech in our lives – we are digitally more connected meaning


  • emails
  • messages
  • notifications
  • demands
  • expectations to live up to
  • an online image to maintain
  • Thousands of random people’s lives to keep up with (even people we don’t know)

What this really means is that we are always available, always on call, always reachable.

All this stimulation affects what I call your “Stress body.”

Your stress body is the stress you are carrying that you can’t actually see but it’s there. If you stop for a moment you feel it.

Your stress body can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and emotional health if it’s not taken care of.

I’ve seen this happen to people who least expect it. They say “I’m not stressed” and then before they know it – they crash and burn.

Interesting fact: 90% of sent text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of receiving it.

What does this tell us?

We are hooked.

These days being healthy is more than fitness – it’s learning to switch off. it’s learning to disconnect. It’s learning to take time out and be with yourself. It’s learning to train your mind.

Health is no longer just exercising.

Health is training the body and mind.

What is the point in working hard to have it all OUTER world, If you can’t enjoy life in your INNNER world now?

if you can’t enjoy life now, when will you?

Mind training includes learning to be more

  1. Grateful
  2. Present
  3. Processing anxieties, stress, fear
  4. Processing emotion
  5. Processing how we feel
  6. Observing our thoughts
  7. Responding not reacting
  8. Learning to be kind to ourselves
  9. Loving ourselves
  10. Forgiving
  11. Learn to confront the truth
  12. Be more self-aware
  13. Learning to raise your base-line of positive emotion in your day

I’m seeing more people getting into fitness than ever before but at the same time there are more health issues than ever. 

Health is about training the mind and body.

For clients that I coach through my BIND (Body-Mind-Transformation) method not only strengthen their body with calculated, targeted training, we also strengthen their mind too.

Over 45 minutes we tackle both.

I teach them that it all starts with just 10-15 minutes of mindful practise. I take them through the BIND principles to live a healthier, happier life.

One of my favourite BIND principles is practising kind-fulness- learning to be more kind to yourself – practising each day with a few words to make you feel good. It goes so far! And just a few days in you see a bigger smile on participants’ faces.

They walk out feeling energised, re-charged, inspired.

I encourage you – if you haven’t already – to begin your journey of training not only the body, but the mind too.

Not to mention 80% of the world’s top performers – CEO’s, business owners, actors, athletes, writers, musicians, you name it – all have a daily practise of MIND training. So for the every day person like you and I it’s a no brainer.


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