The Bloke’s Guide To Successful Body Transformation

The Bloke’s Guide To Successful Body Transformation
May 25, 2017 Discovery PT


The Bloke’s Guide To Successful Body Transformation

There is a few things that are certain when it comes to Blokes.

  1. Once you decide to do something, you go all in.
  2. Let’s face it, you don’t really like to ask for help.

When it comes to health and fitness i see so many guys out there battling away trying to lose weight and improve their health and yet most never actually get there.

Having successfully transformed over 1000 people at my transformation centre Discovery Health & Fitness i’ve concluded that there are a few simple things that you can do that will get you there faster.


Before i go into what you need to do, let me share my inspiration today.

Your time is actually running out. 

My grandfather Wal was an incredible man who worked his entire life to serve his family. What he didn’t serve was his own health.

At an age that was far too young, leaving behind a family that loved him deeply, his body shut down on him.

Before he died, I was sitting there looking into his eyes and i saw a man who wanted to live so bad. 

I think he had another 20 years in him easily. But his body didn’t agree.

I saw a man that was upset as his body, frustrated, i saw a man that if he could wind back the clock he would have done more for his health.

Your health matters.

Every day counts.

And guys it’s not just about your physical health, it’s about having the confidence in yourself, the belief in yourself, so much of what you can do and achieve and experience in life depends on your health.

If you want your life to be better, it ALL starts with your health.

You can change so much in your life literally just by training hard, eating better and doing it with people who will lift you up in life.


Ok so here’s what you need to do;


The great thing about us guys is that we go “All in.” We have this mentality that is all or nothing. The problem is that with this mentality comes an expectation to be able to clock the game on day 1 (or perhaps in a matter of weeks). When these results don’t come as fast as we want, we move on to another game or worse give up completely. And the cycle repeats itself. The key is to not expect anything. If you focus on the process of just getting the job done, results will come. How could they not? One of my clients Andy Sherwell has been process-driven from day 1, he trusted the results would come and he is currently 12kg down. He has had some challenges, set backs, really hard weeks and yet he had some awesome weeks too along with his son being born (congrats Andy and Lauren!). The most important thing is that stayed focused on the process. The guy is almost unrecognisable from when he walked in and will be setting a great example for his new born son Nate.


I’m not going to sugar coat this. As 50 cent would put it “Get a coach and get ripped or die trying”. Whether it be a coach or a training partner you absolutely must have someone who is holding you accountable. You may think you can do it alone but the truth is if you’re not where you want to be right now for a reason. And you can 100% benefit from having someone who pushes you and believes in you. Think about it. The best in the world in any discipline – be it work, fitness, business, sport- they all have a coach, mentor or someone holding them accountable. Most guys think they can do it alone and this is the exact thing that holds them back. You can indeed do it alone but your odds of succeeding long term are so much lower. Why not boost your damn odds? Why not just bite the bullet, get some help and hire a coach to get you in shape. My man Will Atkinson has done this. He knew this 5 or 6 years ago and still today understands how important it is to have me on his team. He drives 25 minutes each way every day because he knows he always goes harder with us than he would on his own. He is in the best shape of his life.

If you want help on your journey or even just want some guidance you can get your 14 days free personal training here.



The success of any transformation comes down to the decision making process that takes place each and every day. What do i eat for breakfast today? Should i have a sugar in my coffee? What should i eat for lunch? What do i feel like? Should i get on the beers tonight? Should i go to training today? Should i increase my weights? Should i do more? These are questions that we ask ourselves every single day. And there are hundreds more. The truth is that you need to take control of this decision making process to master a transformation long term. You simply cannot rely on will power to get you through. A great place to start is to shift your mindset around healthy/fun food balance. So that when you do eat fun foods you enjoy them. Become aware of the decisions you are making on a day to day and begin empowering your decision making process. Understand that each decision has consequences. I did a good video on this here.

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Too many guys go all in and burn out. Start with a reasonable amount of training. I would say 3 x 45 minutes per week. Do that for a month or two then increase.


The reality of body transformation is it is a grind. You are going to go through ebbs and flows of motivation. Some days the last thing you want to do is train, other days you feel like training twice a day. Motivation is a luxury to those people who put in the work. You will not be motivated for the first few weeks/months. Why would you? Training hurts, you’re giving up the foods you like, why would you be motivated? The truth is that motivation is a luxury to those who deserve it. Imagine a couple of weeks/months into training and eating good food, imagine how good you are going to feel? Your motivation will be through the roof. Motivation comes once you have been process focused and results start showing up.

I’ve seen guys go from break ups, depression, no reason to get up in the morning to becoming major successes. In fact i see this every single day. One of my guys Tyler who walked in 12 months ago had his mum diagnosed with terminal MND and a break up of 8 years all in the same week. He was ready to give up on life. He dropped 15kg of fat, got abs for the first time and recently won the ANB Melbourne fitness model championships. Today, he is training for the world fitness model championships. If you talk to him you see a man who is inspired to live and now has a purpose to to inspire others. He is a different person now. You can read more on his story here.



Another client of mine was on his death-bed. His body was shutting down on him in his 20’s. He was severely overweight and his kidneys were failing. He was on dialysis for many years.  He had a 50/50 chance of survival. Then one day he just decided enough was enough. He decided to change his life. With lots of hard work and a changed mindset he has been training 3 x 45 minutes a week with us. He has dropped over 16kg and is the healthiest he has ever been. There is a long way to go but he is on the journey, that’s the important thing. He has more energy, more confidence and is happier for it. He also stepped things up in his career and has just bought a new house. His outlook on life has shifted. He is a better man for it. Here is a video of him smashing a PB on squats 100kg for 5 reps this week. Keep the great work brother.

Below are some other great transformations for your reference. These guys all followed the above protocol here at Discovery.





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