November 11, 2016 Discovery PT


Here’s 9 ways to survive the silly season.

1. Get something done most days–

The worst thing you can do when the holiday season hits is stop exercising. Be sure to get something done most days whether it is a Discovery session, bike ride, run, swim, walk or anything active. This means the food you are eating is much more likely to be burned as workout fuel and not stored as fat. If you are not exercising regularly at the moment, this is a great opportunity to get started with our 6 week challenge.

2. Active Families Are Happy –

Encourage family gatherings and Christmas party’s to be active, healthy and fun! Get the whole family involved. Go for a walk or get a good old game of back yard cricket going. Try to avoid habits of just lounging around all day drinking. Choose to cook healthy food! A balance of healthy foods and fun foods makes for a great spread. Understand that you may have to be the instigator on this one. But it’s worth it in the long run. Active families are happy families!!

3. Pick your parties –

Sill season means one thing! Parties, gatherings and event overload! The key is to be selective in which events you go to and pre-selecting which ones you really want to indulge in. My suggestion is to pick the events that you know you will have fun at and to not worry about the rest! However if you want to attend all of them pre-select the events where you can allow yourself to enjoy the food and drink and pre-determine which events you will prepare food for.

4. Start With Success–

Before any function or party, eat a healthy meal about an hour or two before hand. A meal containing some lean protein, vegetables and low GI carbs and good fats. This means that you will fill up on healthy food and ensure you do not binge eat at the event. Personally when I eat before an event, I always find cravings to completely disappear and I can just enjoy tastes of the things I want to eat rather than trying to fight cravings the entire party.

5. Protein based breakfast –

I recommend focusing on a protein-based breakfast and good fats such as free range eggs, smoked salmon, bacon, organic butter etc. You can throw in some mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes or whatever vegetables you want to make a nice omelette. This small change alone from carb-based breakfast to protein-based breakfast will strip fat and help you to stay lean.

6. Be in control.

Arrive at your event in complete control. Ask yourself do I really need to eat 3 slices of dessert? No! Just enjoy a taste and move on. Don’t go back for more and more. This is where you lose all control and end up in an all out eating frenzy. You regret it and feel horrible anyway. Decide how much you will be eating and how much you will be drinking prior to the event is an effective way to stay on track. Once you have decided challenge yourself to stick to it.

7. Organic Wine/Preservative free wine. There are some great preservative and organic wines out there at the moment. You can drink more and avoid the guilt 🙂 Plus there is no hangover.

8. Ask the right questions. Am i 100% happy right now with my health? Or do i need to do more work?

9. Get some help. Make it easy for yourself. We all need a bit of accountability sometimes and especially during the crazy season. Just Imagine if you could enjoy the silly season without completely falling off the wagon. Well you can if you join our 6 week challenge.

I hope that helped. 

Ps. Join our 6 week challenge. This is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Hurry we have 2 spots left.


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